The sixth Mizmor release; a prequel of sorts, coreleased by GreySun Records and A.L.N.

This album contains three lost songs recorded in years past that lead to the creation of Mizmor. The older two are under the moniker Sorceress, a long inactive stoner-doom band featuring A.L.N. (Mizmor) and M.S.W. (Hell). These were the band's final songs, recorded and performed by A.L.N. after the band's end. The third song is the direct precursor to the original Mizmor album. An instrumental song done in a more clean/ambient style, "0" by Mizmor. 

All recorded on the same equipment as the original Mizmor, this album has the same lo-fi sound the first album is ironically praised for and sheds an interesting light on both the music of Mizmor and Hell. 

"This is the beginning of my music made from suffering." 

Together from GreySun Records and A.L.N. on labeled black cassettes inside O-Cards. Contains mini-zine of A.L.N.'s art, corresponding to the time-period in which the music was made. Tape comes wrapped in A.L.N. logo patch, white ink on black canvas, tied with black cord. Edition of 150.

Digital album available at mizmor.bandcamp.com