This album compiles all Mizmor songs from 2013-2015. Between the S/T full length from 2012 and "Yodh" from 2016, a cluster of songs were released across EPs and splits that together make a unique full-length experience of their own. Consecutively, these are songs V-IX in the journey. Named after the second tape in the Mizmor box-set which also compiled the same five songs. 

Releases on this album: Untitled Winter EP, Hell/Mizmor, Mania/Mizmor, and Mizmor/Dross.

All songs written and performed by A.L.N. 

Additional vocal performance: M.S.W. (VII) 

Engineering personnel: A.L.N. (V), Jordan Huston (V), Nate Myers (VI, VIII), M.S.W. (VI, VII), Edgar McRae (VIII), Sonny DiPerri (IX) 

Mastering personnel: Edgar McRae (V, VI, VII), Adam Gonsalves (VIII, IX) 

Art: Bryan Proteau

CDs available here

Originally released 2018 - additional release info available here

Now available on Spotifty.

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