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  • Newsletter: Winter 2018

    It's been a while since my last newsletter; I hope this year has treated you all kindly. I've been far from inactive, both in music and general life, despite the silence (perhaps they correspond).

    I'm writing today to share some news with you that greatly excites me (and equally frightens me). Mizmor will be performing four times over the course of this spring and summer; three US dates and one EU. At each concert we will be performing the album "Yodh" in full.

    The dates are as follows:

    4/14 - Salem, OR (The Space* - w/ Hell and Mania)
    4/21 - Tilburg, NL (Roadburn Fest)
    6/8 - CO Springs, CO (71Grind Fest)
    7/28 - Pittsburgh, PA (Migration Fest)

    *100 capacity venue - Advance tickets or early arrival recommended

    For more information including ticket links, visit

    I do not have plans to tour or even play more often in general, but felt it right and good to share an album that's very special to me with some of you in person, accepting these invitations to these amazing get-togethers. 
    Salem flyer art by Blial Cabal. This incredibly skilled pair took the time to literally etch copper to create the evil print you see. So thankful for their artwork and that they will be joining us all the way from the Bay Area for this show. 

    I've let my current stock of merchandise dwindle, but in light of the activity on the horizon, I will be re-upping. The following items will be available for purchase at our performances; anything left over will be listed online in August. The vinyl pressings face possible delays, but this is my hope. 

    "This Unabating Wakefulness"
    12" EP w/ b-side etching, available in both grey and black vinyl (Gilead Media);
    Limited cassette tape with hand-numbered/signed lyric insert (A.L.N. self-release)

    2LP reissue available in both caramel and black vinyl (Gilead Media);
    Limited gatefold CD (Gilead Media);
    Limited cassette tape reissue, hand-numbered (A.L.N. self-release)

    "Untitled Winter EP"
    12" EP (A.L.N. self-release; final copies)

    "Yodh" album cover t-shirt restock
    "Wholly Doomed Black Metal" long sleeve restock
    "Haunted" hoodie restock

    A.L.N. logo metallic lapel pin
    Mizmor logo embroidered patch (white on black)
    Decals of both logos (white and black)

    In addition to these items, I will have some rare items with me at one or more of the performances for those inquisitive enough to ask. Possibly a box-set, test pressings, etc. 

    I've now mentioned some new pressings approaching from Gilead Media; allow me to take a bit longer to address this. I am overjoyed to be working with Adam/Gilead once again. He kindly agreed to help me get some of these items rolling in time for these shows and I couldn't be more relieved. Both the "Yodh" reissues and "This Unabating Wakefulness" are available for pre-order now at the links below. I won't be selling my copies online until later, so buy from Adam for now. Also on the Gilead Bandcamp page you will find all three clothing designs mentioned above, currently available and shipping. 

    Yodh -
    TUW -

    Finally, Dutch print magazine Gonzo (Circus) will feature an interview with Mizmor in its newest edition. They reached out to talk about Roadburn amongst other things. They've posted a snippet on their website - -

    though it appears you must purchase the magazine to read the entire thing. I will be posting an English translation on the Mizmor website in the near future for anyone who is interested. 

    Well, that's about it for this edition of the newsletter. The process of keeping a growing mailing list is becoming increasingly more tedious and for me. I've hit capacity and will no longer be accepting new names. There may have been some shifting around of the list as well over time - I've tried to keep it in tact but again, it's just gotten too complicated. Feel free to share all the info in this email with the community; my sincere apologies for anyone who as accidentally been removed from this list. I am to the point of finally beginning to consider social media to remedy this issue.

    Thanks for all the support over the years. See you out there. 



  • Box-Sets are SOLD OUT

    Well everyone,

    I'm officially out of Mizmor box-sets (a big thanks to Cvlt Nation for the post that led to my final handful of sales). Thank you to all of you who purchased one of these from me - this commemorative work has been a really special experience and I am eternally grateful to all of my 'wholly-doomed' friends, family, and fans.

    I am nearly out of a couple other items in my store. Don't miss your chance to pick up one of the following items before they are sold out and out of print!


    - YODH 2LP :: I am down to my last 12 copies; Gilead Media is sold out and so is every distro selling copies, to my knowledge.

    - MIZMOR HOODIES :: I have only 5 left; additional sizes available from Gilead Media on Bandcamp

    - HELL/MIZMOR SPLIT REISSUE TAPES :: Got 12 of these left; these went much quicker than expected. Looks like HELL has the same amount for sale on Bandcamp as well if you miss these.

    - URZEIT SHIRT :: Only one of these bad boys. Size: S. Additional sizes available from Vrasubatlat on BigCartel.

    Purchase at

    Thank you,


  • HELL - "HELL"

    In case you haven't already heard, Hell has just released a new full-length album and it's completely crushing. 

    Visit Hell's Bandcamp to download/stream the album.

    I would tell you to head on over to Sentient Ruin's store to buy the tape as well, but both the label and LoweYourHead have sold out of their copies. LP in the works though.

    Congrats to MSW on this one - continually enthralling music, awesome to see where you've taken the project. Cheers.

    - A.L.N.