News and Updates

  • Eternal Warfare and Merch

    Eternal Warfare Fest was an absolute blast. I will be posting more pictures to the gallery soon. All left over merch, including a big shirt restock of old and new t's, longsleeves, and hoodies is now available at

    Thank you all for coming out and to Nate for throwing such an incredible weekend.


    Photo by Allie Mageen

  • Quick One

    "Yodh: Live at Roadburn 2018" is officially released today across all streaming services. Streaming also available at :: digital album download at

    All pre-orders from my web store are caught up except those containing t-shirts (will ship those ASAP). Clear vinyl is totally sold out. I am sold out of shirts but you can still find some at and :: black vinyl and CDs still available at

    Embroidered patches are back - grey on black this time. Check out the store.

  • Spring 2019 Newsletter

    Greetings all,

    The release of "Yodh: Live at Roadburn 2019" from Roadburn Records is upon us. Released across 2LP/CD/Dig formats with a special commemorative t-shirt as well. Vinyl edition of 1000 copies (800 black, 200 clear); CDs edition of 1000 copies; t-shirts limited to 100. You can purchase all these items from me directly at If you live outside of North America I will gladly fulfill your oder, but if you want to save money on shipping, consider ordering from in Netherlands. My stock of clear vinyl and t-shirts is incredibly limited, so even some Americans may end up needing to check in with them. Right now digital albums are exclusively available at; The album's official release day is April 26th, at which time you will be able to stream it across all major streaming services as well as on

    Our next live performance is at this year's Eternal Warfare Fest in Portland, OR. The festival takes place May 16-18 at the Tonic Lounge. Weekend passes and Saturday (the day Mizmor plays) are already sold out, but you can still grab tickets for the first two days at We are honored to play this edition of the fest alongside such amazing bands as Evoken, Shape of Despair, Spectral Voice, Fauna, Yellow Eyes, Crawl, and many more. There aren't any other Mizmor shows currently on the docket... that I can speak of.

    Finally, a quick update on the new album. As many of you now know, Mizmor is working on a new full-length album called "Cairn" which will be released by Gilead Media later this year. I can't share much here but I will say that recording is complete and mixing is wrapping up. I am extremely pleased with how it's turning out and cannot wait to share this hour long journey of sonic devastation and absurdity with you all. More on that soon.

    Mizmor just turned seven years old the other day. Thank you all so much for the support over the years. I can't believe it's made it this far.

    "One must imagine Sisyphus happy." - A.C.


  • "Yodh - Live at Roadburn 2018" 2LP/CD/DIG/SHIRT

    I am absolutely thrilled to finally make this release public. Roadburn Records is releasing our live set from last year's Roadburn fest! Visit Roadburn Records to pre-order. Available on vinyl, CD, and digital formats. T-shirt also available with stunning artwork from Mariusz Lewandowski. The first song is streaming now on Bandcamp.

    I will have copies of all these items for sell on my site when the album releases in April.

  • Shipping

    I made some technological advances in my shipping process lately. I am now able to offer emails to customers notifying when an order ships out, and have nudged shipping prices down on certain items in certain areas. Good stuff.

    Also, our show in Portland this Friday is very close to selling out! Grab a ticket at before its too late.

  • Socializing the anti-social

    In an effort to achieve more efficient and complete communication, Mizmor is now on social media. The e-newsletter will still go out surrounding big announcements to subscribers as usual but it’s capacity has been outgrown for a while. Smaller, more frequent updates will be made on Instagram / Facebook.

  • Autumn 2018 Newsletter

    Greetings all,

    There is much I gladly wish to share with you.

    First I would like to reflect on the year thus far. Mizmor was so honored to have been invited to play three amazing festivals - Roadburn 2018, 71Grind IV, and Migration Fest 2 (in addition to a small home show in Salem to prepare). Having only performed one other time in the project's history, my bandmates and I took Mizmor to a new level, learning and performing the entire "Yodh" album (a 65 minute set) at these four shows. I am so thankful for my guys Andy, Kento, and Matt (aka MSW); I'm enriched by their constant friendship and proud of their expert musicianship, always generous with lending their time. This year and these shows wouldn't have been possible without them and the dedication we collectively exhibited. Thanks dudes. I also want to thank Nate Myers, who stepped in on drums to help us perform our set at Migration Fest after Matt broke his right ankle in the weeks preceding. Nate learned two of the songs fairly last minute, and Matt performed the other three with his left foot on the double-kick pedal. I am still impressed at both of their performances and humbled by their generosity and tenacity. 

    I've compiled some photos that highlight these performances. Photos from each show can be seen here. Thanks to Jurgen van Hest, Marika Zorzi, Teddie Taylor, Nick Jenkins, Tyler Linn, Alvino Salcido, and Allie Mageen for capturing these moments. Also deserving of thanks in regards to these shows: Doug Hoffman, Luuk Van Gestel, Walter Hoeijmakers, Sean and Bryan Ostrow, Adam Bartlett, Dave Adelson, Sarah-Ray Rundle, Blial Cabal, and Sheene Coffin. And of course my heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of you who joined us for any of these shows. It was such a cool experience to share this album with y'all in a live setting and I deeply appreciate all the conversations I was able to have, especially those about tearing down the strongholds of religion in our lives.

    Roadburn 2018 - Photo by Jurgen Van Hest

    Next, I want to go over the new merchandise added to the store. I had a lot of merch made for these shows and have some leftover, as well as a handful of brand new, previously unannounced, items exclusive to the store.


    "Yodh" reissues - 2LPs (Gilead Media) and tapes (A.L.N.); CD edition also (Gilead Media)

    "This Unabating Wakefulness" - LP w/ etched b-side (Gilead Media) and tapes (A.L.N.)

    "Mishlei" - CD (A.L.N.); a compilation of Mizmor releases from 2013-2015 (the EP and three splits / songs V through IX)

    "Untitled Winter EP" - LP (A.L.N.); final copies, soon to be OOP (also available through Tartarus Records for EU customers)

    "Mizmor" reissue - CD (A.L.N.); the first Mizmor full-length, self-titled, originally released in 2012.


    "This Unabating Wakefulness" t-shirt

    "Yodh" t-shirt

    "Wholly Doomed Black Metal" long-sleeve shirt

    "Haunted" hoodie (also available through Tartarus Records)

    Mizmor logo embroidered patches

    A.L.N. logo metallic lapel pins

    Decals for both logos

    I also have some of the Andrew Black - "Dreaming" cassettes available for sale - if you didn't pick one up from us in person this year, don't miss out on this opportunity to snag an incredible ambient tape from Mizmor's live bassist. Currently exclusively available through the Mizmor store.

    In addition I have some rare/OOP items for sale. A few Urzeit records, a Sorceress CD, and some test pressings. Have a look around. 

    If you live in Europe and want to buy Mizmor merch, be sure to check out Tartarus Records, as mentioned above. They are currently selling one of the Mizmor LPs and the hoodies. I only have medium hoodies but Tartarus has all the sizes.

    More of the catalogue is being added to Spotify and iTunes for those of you who use those services. In addition to "Yodh," you can now also listen to "Mishlei," and "Mizmor." As mentioned above, "Mishlei" compiles the five songs in between the self-titled full-length and "Yodh," offering a unique full-length listen of its own ("Mishlei" was also just added to Bandcamp). Soon "This Unabating Wakefulness" will be added to more streaming services, completing the discography.

    There is a new Mizmor interview published by Doomed and Stoned. Calvin interviewed me in person at Roadburn and I remember that day fondly. I had a good chuckle being reminded of how conversation sounds compared to writing and also of Andy's contribution to the article. 

    Finally, I want to share briefly about the future of Mizmor. We have one live performance to announce. January 11, 2019 at Tonic Lounge in Portland, OR with Forn and Worm Oroborous. We will be playing "Yodh" in full one final time for all the locals who weren't able to see the small, sold-out Salem show. 

    Keep an eye out for a 2019 Mizmor release. Wish I could say more. I'm very excited about this one, and it's unrelated to the next paragraph (or anything else mentioned in this email).

    Finally, I have begun working on a new Mizmor full-length. I have finished the writing process and will be beginning the recording process shortly. Between the store and the development of this new music, I am working full time on Mizmor currently. It is a lengthy process I am attacking thoroughly and studiously, investing in my audio engineering skills as I move forward. There are no other details at this time, nor is there a timeline. Best to put it out of your minds after you read this; still I wanted you to know it's happening. 

    This has been an exciting year for Mizmor. Thank you all very much for your continued support.

    - A.L.N.

  • Newsletter: Winter 2018

    It's been a while since my last newsletter; I hope this year has treated you all kindly. I've been far from inactive, both in music and general life, despite the silence (perhaps they correspond).

    I'm writing today to share some news with you that greatly excites me (and equally frightens me). Mizmor will be performing four times over the course of this spring and summer; three US dates and one EU. At each concert we will be performing the album "Yodh" in full.

    The dates are as follows:

    4/14 - Salem, OR (The Space* - w/ Hell and Mania)
    4/21 - Tilburg, NL (Roadburn Fest)
    6/8 - CO Springs, CO (71Grind Fest)
    7/28 - Pittsburgh, PA (Migration Fest)

    *100 capacity venue - Advance tickets or early arrival recommended

    For more information including ticket links, visit

    I do not have plans to tour or even play more often in general, but felt it right and good to share an album that's very special to me with some of you in person, accepting these invitations to these amazing get-togethers. 
    Salem flyer art by Blial Cabal. This incredibly skilled pair took the time to literally etch copper to create the evil print you see. So thankful for their artwork and that they will be joining us all the way from the Bay Area for this show. 

    I've let my current stock of merchandise dwindle, but in light of the activity on the horizon, I will be re-upping. The following items will be available for purchase at our performances; anything left over will be listed online in August. The vinyl pressings face possible delays, but this is my hope. 

    "This Unabating Wakefulness"
    12" EP w/ b-side etching, available in both grey and black vinyl (Gilead Media);
    Limited cassette tape with hand-numbered/signed lyric insert (A.L.N. self-release)

    2LP reissue available in both caramel and black vinyl (Gilead Media);
    Limited gatefold CD (Gilead Media);
    Limited cassette tape reissue, hand-numbered (A.L.N. self-release)

    "Untitled Winter EP"
    12" EP (A.L.N. self-release; final copies)

    "Yodh" album cover t-shirt restock
    "Wholly Doomed Black Metal" long sleeve restock
    "Haunted" hoodie restock

    A.L.N. logo metallic lapel pin
    Mizmor logo embroidered patch (white on black)
    Decals of both logos (white and black)

    In addition to these items, I will have some rare items with me at one or more of the performances for those inquisitive enough to ask. Possibly a box-set, test pressings, etc. 

    I've now mentioned some new pressings approaching from Gilead Media; allow me to take a bit longer to address this. I am overjoyed to be working with Adam/Gilead once again. He kindly agreed to help me get some of these items rolling in time for these shows and I couldn't be more relieved. Both the "Yodh" reissues and "This Unabating Wakefulness" are available for pre-order now at the links below. I won't be selling my copies online until later, so buy from Adam for now. Also on the Gilead Bandcamp page you will find all three clothing designs mentioned above, currently available and shipping. 

    Yodh -
    TUW -

    Finally, Dutch print magazine Gonzo (Circus) will feature an interview with Mizmor in its newest edition. They reached out to talk about Roadburn amongst other things. They've posted a snippet on their website - -

    though it appears you must purchase the magazine to read the entire thing. I will be posting an English translation on the Mizmor website in the near future for anyone who is interested. 

    Well, that's about it for this edition of the newsletter. The process of keeping a growing mailing list is becoming increasingly more tedious and for me. I've hit capacity and will no longer be accepting new names. There may have been some shifting around of the list as well over time - I've tried to keep it in tact but again, it's just gotten too complicated. Feel free to share all the info in this email with the community; my sincere apologies for anyone who as accidentally been removed from this list. I am to the point of finally beginning to consider social media to remedy this issue.

    Thanks for all the support over the years. See you out there.