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  • Mizmor Newsletter: Fall 2019


    Greetings all,

    It's been busy since last I wrote. I'll get straight to it. Mizmor just got back from our first tour. We went out with the closely related project Hell, playing some dates down the west coast, east coast, and one in the Netherlands. It was equal parts insane fun and grueling brutality, playing two sets every night between the two bands. Thank you everybody who came out and supported us and thanks to all who helped make it happen. We couldn't have asked for a more memorable and successful time out on the road. The tour happened alongside the release of "Cairn," the new Mizmor full-length album and I have leftover merchandise pertaining to both.

    The Mizmor web-store will reopen Monday, October 28th at 10 a.m. PDT, complete with "Cairn" 2LPs (a few leftover tour editions in addition to the regular edition), Hell/Mizmor tour long-sleeves (very limited quantity), "Cairn" CDs, tapes, t-shirts, long-sleeves, and more. 

    A note about the "Cairn" record jackets: the gatefold jackets for the album got delayed multiple times by the plant. Everyone who has ordered the record from anywhere is still waiting. If you pre-ordered from Gilead, keep up to date on their progress here. My copies of the record are affected by this as well, which is why a tour edition exists in the first place. Tour editions ordered online include the regular jacket too (this edition contains a card prompting the buyer to contact the label for a free gatefold upon completion; since they are done they will just be included now). Thus all "Cairn" 2LPs, tour edition or regular, ordered from me will ship out at a later date. I'm estimating the first week of November, but it could be earlier or later. Just want you to know you are technically preordering when you buy this item. The jackets are finished and en route to label HQ. It's all happening now/soon.

    The reception of "Cairn" has been overwhelming. Thank you to all the folks who wrote about and reviewed it, interviewed me, posted about it, etc. And to the team I have in my bandmates and record label; without y'all the amazing quality of this album and tour simply wouldn't be possible. It's been a huge relief to get this album out into the world and seeing it being regarded positively is just so awesome. Thank you.

    Mizmor live at the Satellite in L.A. - Photos by Chad Kelco

    We will be taking some much needed time off, but not for long. Work on the full "Cairn" album set will begin shortly as we have been invited via Emma Ruth Rundle's curation of this year's Roadburn Festival to present it in its entirety as a live experience. Tickets here. In case you missed it, Emma and I recently did a detailed, artist on artist conversation/feature around "Cairn," talking about the album, god, faith, art, life, and death; the conversation features a bunch of stunning portraits she took. Check it out here.

    Our dear M.S.W. will be moving away for school soon so our close friend Nate Myers (Eternal Warfare) will be playing drums for Mizmor for the next year or two. Nate did a great job stepping in to help us perform our set at the last Migration Fest when M.S.W. broke his ankle (and we love spending time with him too); it's a good and natural fit for the group. Thanks so much for your time with us so far Matt, you will be missed.

    We will be performing the "Cairn" set once in Portland in early April before flying out to Roadburn. We have a couple more 2020 shows yet to be announced also. More info on those later.

    There's lots coming up in terms of releases. Firstly, the interview with Emma Ruth Rundle mentioned above is getting turned into a book. The online version published to Metal Hammer is only a small portion of a much longer conversation. Her stunning portraits similarly represent only a fraction of all the shots we got. Gilead Media will be presenting the complete experience as a small "Cairn" companion book due sometime in early 2020. 

    Photo by Emma Ruth Rundle

    Next, Gilead Media is going through the Mizmor catalog and reissuing everything on vinyl. Preorders for the third pressing of "Yodh" are already live here. Due to popularity, the next record to be repressed is "Cairn." Between my copies I'm selling online now and what's left over at Gilead, we are selling the final 10% of the 1500 originally pressed (and that's only from mail-order and online distribution over the last four months, leaving none for retail stores), so it's time to get more out there already. The process will get started soon, unsure of a sale date. After that the "Mishlei" album, a compilation of the Mizmor EP and splits released between 2013 and 2015, will get its first vinyl treatment. And finally the self-titled full-length (2012) will see its first vinyl release as well. Both these will be early-mid 2020 I think.

    Lastly, Tartarus Records from the Netherlands will be doing limited cassette versions of self-titled, "Mishlei," and "Yodh" in their signature gorgeous packaging, due end of year (or possibly early 2020). I will be independently reissuing the "Cairn" cassette soon (first issue almost gone) and maybe some of the other albums on CD or tape alongside the aforementioned reissues.

    Other news: Evil Greed is now the official European merch store of Mizmor. You can grab a handful of different shirt designs, "Cairn" 2LPs/CDs, and more on their website. Customers from Europe and Asia are encouraged to check out their stock to save on shipping (also check Throat Ruiner / Deathwish Inc EU and Burning World Records; UK check Dry Cough Records). I recently curated a podcast for Evil Greed on Spotify of a collection of music that moves me. Listen to it here.

    What else is new? I recently was a guest on the Heavy Metal History podcast. We talked about "Cairn" and the recording process. Listen to it here. There have been a couple updates to the Mizmor Bandcamp page since last I wrote. I am now offering the digital albums of both "Cairn" and "Yodh: Live at Roadburn 2018" - buy/stream here. I've updated the Mizmor website with some photos people took of us performing on tour. Check out the gallery here. If you are a photographer that shot us, please email me your pictures.

    There is more on the horizon, but this is all that can be revealed for now. Thank you so much everybody. I deeply appreciate your support of Mizmor.

    - A.L.N.


    New in the store (as of 10/28)

    "Cairn" - 2LP:tour-edition/2LP/CD/CS/TS/LS

    Hell/Mizmor Tour Long-Sleeve

    Mizmor logo sticker


    Still available (as of 10/28)

    "Yodh" - CD

    "Yodh: Live at Roadburn 2018" - 2LP/CD

    "This Unabating Wakefulness" - LP

    Urzeit: "Anmoksha" - Test Pressing

    A.L.N. lapel pin


    New on Bandcamp

    "Cairn" digital album

    "Yodh: Live at Roadburn 2018" digital album

    Discography: 7 releases/6+ hours of music


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  • Mizmor at Roadburn 2020

    It is with immense honor that Mizmor will return to Roadburn Festival 2020, performing “Cairn” in full as part of Emma Ruth Rundle‘s curation, “The Gilded Cage.” I love this festival. So many good artists, people, friends, and experiences. Can’t wait. Thanks Emma and Walter! Visit for more info and tickets.



    Tickets and more info here

    Highline - Seattle, WA; September 23, 2019

    Dante's - Portland, OR; September 24, 2019

    Old Nick's - Eugene, OR; September 25, 2019

    Elbo Room Jack London - Oakland, CA; September 26, 2019

    The Satellite - Los Angeles, CA; September 27, 2019

    Middle East - Boston, MA; September 29, 2019

    Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY; September 30, 2019

    Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA; October 1, 2019

    Atlas Brew Works - Washington DC; October 2, 2019

    Soulcrusher Fest - Nijmegen, NL; October 5, 2019

  • Mizmor Newsletter: Summer 2019

    Greetings all,
    It's been three years since the release of "Yodh" and I couldn't be more ready to share "Cairn," the brand-new Mizmor full-length, with you. "Cairn" clocks in at just under one hour of new original music. I recorded the album over the course of three months in my home studio. I took the long way, sparing no expense or detail in my recording. I sought to take the project to a new territory tonally, starting with my education. I won't get into too much detail lest I bore the majority of you, so I will leave it simple: this is the highest resolution recording of the most thoroughly written and rehearsed Mizmor material there's ever been. I was purposefully the pickiest I've ever been with myself at all stages of this album's production and coming through the other side, I'm extremely happy with the result. I'm incredibly honored and thrilled to again have worked with Sonny DiPerri (mixing) and Adam Gonsalves (mastering). Together, the three of us crafted the sound of "Yodh" and have now taken "Cairn" well beyond the prior's sonic limits. I am also floored by the final product of the extremely personal commissioned painting by Mariusz Lewandowski. Continuing in the vein of the polish surrealist master, Beksinski (whose work was used on "Yodh), Lewandowski has beautifully interpreted the themes of "Cairn" into his painting "Time Immemorial," which sprawls to grace both covers of the album. Front
    cover pictured below

    The album is an emotional exploration of the absurdity of life - man's constant search for meaning in a chaotic universe devoid of an ultimate purpose. This absurd premise prompts the individual to choose between a leap of faith into an ultimate purpose, suicide, or acceptance of reality. "Cairn" asserts that there is but one viable option, acceptance, and that one must build monuments to the other two as guide posts forbidding return. It declares that one must revolt and live in the present face of this absurdity and create in enjoyment the meaning necessary for life.

    "Cairn" is now available for pre-order (ships on/around September 6th). 2LP/CD/Long-sleeve/T-shirt formats for sale from Gilead Media. Cassette format for sale directly from Mizmor. Digital album available on Gilead's Bandcamp. I know many of you like to support me directly via Mizmor's BigCartel - I will be selling the 2LP/CD/Dig/Long-sleeve/T-shirts closer to official release date; for now purchase from Gilead.

    In honor of "Cairn" I am opening up my vault of rarities. I am selling a handful of vinyl test pressings and test cassettes on the Mizmor store. You'll find a mix of Mizmor and Urzeit releases for sale; only one copy of each item is available so act fast. I've restocked popular sizes of certain shirt designs too, so take a look. Most uniquely I am selling what I am calling the "A.L.N. - Iyov: Prototype," a collection of the original artwork, lyrics, and test cassette from the "Iyov" tape (2016; GreySun Records/A.L.N.). 7 pieces of original artwork, handwritten and previously unreleased lyrics, personal stories behind each one, my copy of the test tape (the only other belongs to GreySun Records), and a signed letter of authentication with wax seal housed in a custom embossed leather portfolio book. This item is completely unique; 1/1 to the Nth degree. It will be for sale via auction on Instagram. The auction will begin on Wednesday July 3rd at 11 am PST and continue for 48 hours. Bids will be done anonymously via direct message; minimum bid is $275. Find the post on Instagram on the 3rd to participate - @whollydoomedblackmetal

    Along with "Cairn" comes the other exciting news that Mizmor will finally embark on our first tour this fall. Over the last seven years, I've progressed Mizmor slowly, only moving forward into new territory as it becomes of demand, necessary, and natural. I've gotten enough consistent feedback about the need for a tour and I have listened. We are hitting the road with Hell; come watch M.S.W. and I play two sets and almost die. Click here for more info and tickets.

    Hell/Mizmor Fall Tour MMXIX

    9/23 - Seattle, WA - Highline
    9/24 - Portland, OR - Dante's
    9/25 - Eugene, OR - Old Nick's
    9/26 - Oakland, CA - Elbo Room Jack London
    9/27 - Los Angeles, CA - The Satellite
    9/29 - Boston, MA - Middle East
    9/30 - Brooklyn, NY - Saint Vitus
    10/1 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
    10/2 - Wash. DC - Atlas Brew Works
    10/5 - Nijmegen, NL - Soulcrusher Fest

    Hope to see you out there,


    "The vulnerable universe strikes a human chord. Resound, relate, create."


    Tickets and more info here

    Highline - Seattle, WA; September 23, 2019

    Dante's - Portland, OR; September 24, 2019

    Old Nick's - Eugene, OR; September 25, 2019

    Elbo Room Jack London - Oakland, CA; September 26, 2019

    The Satellite - Los Angeles, CA; September 27, 2019

    Middle East - Boston, MA; September 29, 2019

    Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY; September 30, 2019 :: w/ Evoken

    Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA; October 1, 2019

    Atlas Brew Works - Washington DC; October 2, 2019

    Soulcrusher Fest - Nijmegen, NL; October 5, 2019

  • Eternal Warfare and Merch

    Eternal Warfare Fest was an absolute blast. I will be posting more pictures to the gallery soon. All left over merch, including a big shirt restock of old and new t's, longsleeves, and hoodies is now available at

    Thank you all for coming out and to Nate for throwing such an incredible weekend.


    Photo by Allie Mageen