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  • Winter

    Hey all,

    It's a new year now. It's cold, grey, and raining constantly in Salem. 

    Yesterday I went around Portland checking in on my record consignment agreements. If you live in Portland, OR you should consider checking out Exiled Records. I didn't realize this, but they have many rare underground tapes for sale in their case including 2 copies of the Mizmor/Dross split cassette (hand-numbered and limited to 150, sealed in wax; unopened... this tape has been sold out for 2 years). They also had A.L.N. - "Iyov", the Hell/Mizmor split, and Urzeit - "Anmoksha" cassettes among other great underground gems. 

    Mizmor records have been restocked at Exiled, Music Millenium, 2nd Avenue, and Mississippi Records in Portland and at Ranch Records in Salem

    Urzeit records are now available at Exiled, 2nd Avenue, and Mississippi Records in Portland. 

    This winter is creeping by most heavily. There are things beginning to formulate on the horizon, however. Soon I will have "Yodh" t-shirts (Beksinski), a Mizmor hoodie (new art), and Urzeit "Anmoksha" t-shirts (restock) available for sale. "Yodh" 2LPs will be restocked one more time. I will also be announcing the next A.L.N. release in the near future. 

    Thank you all for a great 2016. 

    Good luck,