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  • The next A.L.N. release...

    Hello all,

    The time has come for me to announce the next A.L.N. release.

    This month marks five years for Mizmor and in honor of that I am self-releasing a limited edition discography box-set.

    Mizmor - The Psalter MMXVII: Five-Year Commemorative Discography.

    This is a triple cassette, +3.5 hour box-set, spanning the entire Mizmor journey from song "0" to the end of "Yodh."

    I have commissioned new art work from Blial Cabal to grace this box-set. He is preparing an incredibly detailed, custom themed tryptich which accurately represents the Mizmor journey, each panel being one cassette cover. The art will be printed in black and silver on thick cardstock. The tapes will come wrapped in a back patch of Blial's artwork also.

    Also inside the box will be the complete lyrics to the Mizmor project. I am making these myself, presenting them as a booklet on translucent vellum paper.

    Additionally there will be a Mizmor logo metallic enamel lapel pin (black on silver) as well as a digital download card for the entire discography, including a brand new track which I will premier when sales of this box go live. 

    All this will come in a custom sized and printed Mizmor tuck/flap style box.

    My hope is to have these available for sale at the end of March/beginning of April. I'm doing a lot of this myself, making sure all is just right - so of course it is subject to delays. The mailing list will receive an email when I am ready to start taking orders. I am only making 200 of these (hand-numbered). All art and merch items will be exclusive to this box.

    One small section of Blial's tryptich.

    Another fragment of his progress.

    The DIY approach is tedious... The things we do for love.

    Lyric insert prototype.

    This info will go out in an announcement email soon.

    - A.L.N.