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  • New shirts and hoodies are in

    Hey all,

    The Mizmor "Haunted" hoodies and "Yodh" t-shirts just arrived on my doorstep. I will be feverishly working on packing up pre-orders over the course of the next week. My hope is to have them all shipped by next Friday, 5/26 - so if you are a pre-orderer you can start watching for them in one-and-a-half to two weeks. I am now accepting regular orders for both items, so check out the store if you haven't snagged one yet as I still have a few of each size available.

    All box-set orders NOT containing one of the aforementioned pre-order items have been shipped. If you haven't already received yours, it will be there very soon. Thank you so much for your support on this one yall. I have about 40 boxes left, so hurry on up if you are still waiting to buy one.

    Here are some pictures of the new shirts and hoodies. Adam Bartlett over at Gilead Media / Eroding Winds had these printed up for me at a shop local to him, Offbeat. Both are outstanding. The garment and print quality are perfect. 

    - A.L.N.