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  • New Mizmor Pre-orders from Gilead Media

    New Mizmor preorders up at - “Mishlei” 3LP collection of Mizmor songs from 2013-2015; Mizmor + Emma Ruth Rundle book featuring a 17,000 word conversation and 25 photos, signed by the artists; “Cairn” 2LP & CD reissue. I will have copies of all after release (April) - support Gilead Media now! More info on their website. 

    I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that I will be posting A LOT of new merch to the Mizmor webstore in the next couple weeks. This includes the entire discography across cassette and CD, t-shirts, long sleeves, crew necks + hooded sweatshirts, and back patches of classic designs, new embroidered patches and pins, and the release of new music: Sorceress’s one and only full length, “Beneath the Mountain” (2009) on CD/Dig. More info soon.