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  • Mizmor Newsletter: Winter 2020

    Greetings all,

    I hope you had a good holiday season and you are surviving the bleakness of winter. It's time for my quarterly Mizmor update, so I'll get right to it.
    Firstly, the Mizmor web-store is being stocked with a whole bunch of new merch (a mix of brand new and reissued items). Starting February 18 at 10 am PST, you can buy the following new products from the store:

    "This Unabating Wakefulness" - crew neck sweatshirt, t-shirt, and back patch
    "Wholly Doomed Black Metal" - long-sleeve shirt, t-shirt, and back patch
    "Haunted" - hoodie
    Mizmor logo - metallic pins and embroidered, cut-to-shape patches
    "Mizmor" - CS and CD
    "Mishlei" - CS and CD
    "Yodh" - CS
    "Cairn" - CS
    Sorceress: "Beneath the Mountain" - CD

    Still available in the store:
    "Yodh" - 2LP and CD
    "Cairn" - CD and t-shirt
    "Yodh: Live at Roadburn 2018" - 2LP and CD
    "This Unabating Wakefulness" - LP
    Mizmor logo - sticker

    Take a look around the store now to preview the goods.
    Some of you may have noticed a title in that list that you don't recognize, which brings me to my next bit of news. I am reissuing "Beneath the Mountain" by Sorceress. Sorceress was my old band with M.S.W. (Hell), Andrew Black (Mizmor live), and Blake Ferrin. Here's a bit about the release:

    Sorceress was a band that existed from 2008-2011 in Salem, Oregon, inspired by the mid-2000’s stoner-rock/doom-metal explosion. Formed out of the wake of its predecessor, Love Machine (2006-2007), its same four members sought to continue down a road of stoney heaviness hinted at by the final track, “Sorceress,” on Love Machine’s only full-length album, Red Love White Magic. Similarly, Sorceress wrote and recorded only one full-length album, Beneath the Mountain, in 2009, which was effectively the last thing we did as a band. Shortly after the release of the album, I moved to Germany and the band went on hiatus. During this hiatus I wrote and recorded two songs for Sorceress that never came to fruition in the band. These lost songs were released in 2016 as part of the A.L.N. - Iyov cassette alongside one other track created during this time, Mizmor’s, “0.” This tape served as a prequel to the official Mizmor discography, which began in 2012. Upon returning from Germany I ended the band and we performed one last show in 2011. During the end of Sorceress, our drummer Matt (a.k.a. M.S.W.) began his solo endeavor, Hell, and I would shortly after begin mine, Mizmor; it’s been through theseoutlets that Sorceress’s story has been preserved. Following interest resultant from Sorceress’s appearance on the Iyov cassette, I decided to resurrect this little piece of history instead of letting the album solely exist in the void of our personal archives. Though a little late, this CD honors of the tenth anniversary of Beneath the Mountain and is limited to 100 copies. We self-released the original CD in an edition of 100 copies and this is the first time since that the album has been released.

    Starting Feb. 18, you can buy the CD here and the digital album here.
    In promotion of this store update, I will be auctioning off some rare items on the Mizmor Instagram. Available will be two copies of the "Cairn" 2LP test pressing, a "Cairn" test cassette, a "Mishlei" test cassette, and a "Mizmor" test cassette. These will be available one at a time as a series in the days surrounding the store update on 2/18. The first one starts tomorrow, 2/14 at 9 am PST and runs for 24 hours. Follow @whollydoomedblackmetal to participate. 
    Next up, Gilead Media pre-orders. Gilead Media is reissuing "Cairn" 2LPs and CDs as well as releasing "Mishlei," a 3LP collection of older Mizmor songs, and an Emma Ruth Rundle & Mizmor book. Here's the info about the new items:

    "Mishlei" - a compilation of Mizmor's music made between 2013 and 2015, between the self-titled full length and "Yodh". Originally released across an EP and three splits, and clocking in at 75 minutes of wholly doomed black metal, these five songs together make up a unique full-length listening experience all their own. These works find the project at its most transitional, chronicling a period of time rich with progress in both the spiritual and sonic aspects of the Mizmor journey. Those familiar with Mizmor's past releases may remember the triple cassette Psalter Boxset from 2017, the middle tape of which compiled these songs under the title "Mishlei" for the first time. Hearing these songs together inspired a "Mishlei" CD release in 2018. And now, in 2020, the collection is finally getting the vinyl treatment from Gilead Media in efforts to preserve and refresh these more underground, lesser known releases from Mizmor. This 3LP vinyl edition will be presented in a 6-panel gatefold jacket with flooded black pockets and overall matte finish (similar to the "Ceremonies of Humiliation" 3LP set by THOU). All audio is fully re-mastered for this collection. The 6th side of this set features a laser etching of the stunning cover graphic illustrated by Bryan Proteau. The tracks that comprise "Mishlei" were originally released as: "Untitled Winter EP," Hell/Mizmor split, Mania/Mizmor split, Mizmor/Dross split.

    "Mizmor & Emma Ruth Rundle - Artist to Artist" Book - In the summer of 2019, leading up to the release of "Cairn," the third full-length album by Mizmor, the idea was born from the mind of Adam Bartlett (Gilead Media) and A.L.N. (Mizmor) to do something for the album's promotion that was more unique and meaningful than the typical cycle of surface deep digital magazine features. Something that would directly serve the artist and their vision for the album's narrative. The idea was to do an artist-on-artist conversation between A.L.N. and a close friend, someone who could ask the right questions and provide a more intimate perspective on the subject matter. The result was in incredible, in-depth conversation between A.L.N. and Emma Ruth Rundle. The conversation took place in person at A.L.N.'s home in Portland and was followed by a trip to an old growth forest on the Oregon Coast where Emma took a large number of portraits. A heavily edited version of the conversation was published on Metal Hammer's website alongside the full album premiere of "Cairn" with a portion of Emma's original photos.  However, the sheer volume of the original content delivered by A.L.N. and Emma far exceeded any digital press outlet's capacity for hosting features, and a much larger story still existed in the shadows. In light of how special this whole endeavor turned out to be, Gilead Media is publishing a hard copy version in the form of a book, with the complete conversation and photo bank (over two hours of text transcribed and 25 photos). The conversation sheds a bright light on the themes and creation of "Cairn" and also highlights both Emma's and A.L.N.'s individual upbringings, lives, and how they view concepts like god, religion, art, life, and death as both people and artists. It is the proper companion to the album. Of the original 17,700 words of the full discussion, only 5,700 were published alongside the original album stream premiere. "Artist to Artist..." will be presented as a 78 page 6"x9" book, limited and hand-numbered to 150 copies. Each one autographed by both A.L.N. and Emma Ruth Rundle. 

    Pre-orders for all items available here. They are expected to finish between March and late April. I will have copies of all after release for those who want to buy from me personally. European distros will get copies of the two vinyl releases when they release.
    Finally I want to highlight all of our confirmed live dates for 2020. They are as follows:

    4/11* - Portland, OR - Star Theater (more info and tix soon)
    4/19* - Tilburg, NL - Roadburn Festival
    5/28 - Seattle, WA - Northwest Terror Fest
    6/5 - Austin, TX - Oblivion Access Fest
    8/1* - Pittsburgh, PA - Migration Fest

    * = performing "Cairn" in full

    My live bandmates and I are currently hard at work learning the "Cairn" set and I am very excited to get to share it with you all soon. Visit the Mizmor website for ticket links to all shows.
    Thanks everybody for supporting me and my art and music. As a thank you to you I am offering a special discount on all my digital music on Bandcamp. Enjoy 20% off anything on Bandcamp from now until 2/18 buy using the code "sisyphus" at checkout. 

    Although I have the privilege of working with record labels on certain releases and merch items, a lot of the products you see out there, including these 16 new store items highlighted at the beginning of this newsletter, are still being independently created and sold directly by me. Mizmor has always been at its core a one-man operation and I am still committed to devoting most all of my time and energy to this work and art. Eternal gratitude to you, who make this all possible with your support!

    - A.L.N.