News and Updates

  • Pre-Order update

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to quickly say that I succeeded in my plan of getting all pre-orders and regular orders completely caught up by today, Friday 5/26.

    All shirts, hoodies, box-sets, and all else has left the building.

    Keep a watchful eye out for your parcel over the next week or so.

    Thank you.

  • New shirts and hoodies are in

    Hey all,

    The Mizmor "Haunted" hoodies and "Yodh" t-shirts just arrived on my doorstep. I will be feverishly working on packing up pre-orders over the course of the next week. My hope is to have them all shipped by next Friday, 5/26 - so if you are a pre-orderer you can start watching for them in one-and-a-half to two weeks. I am now accepting regular orders for both items, so check out the store if you haven't snagged one yet as I still have a few of each size available.

    All box-set orders NOT containing one of the aforementioned pre-order items have been shipped. If you haven't already received yours, it will be there very soon. Thank you so much for your support on this one yall. I have about 40 boxes left, so hurry on up if you are still waiting to buy one.

    Here are some pictures of the new shirts and hoodies. Adam Bartlett over at Gilead Media / Eroding Winds had these printed up for me at a shop local to him, Offbeat. Both are outstanding. The garment and print quality are perfect. 

    - A.L.N.

  • The Psalter MMXVII : Five-Year Commemorative Discography


    I am happy to announce that the Mizmor box-sets are finished and will go on sale May 4th at 12 o'clock noon PST together with the unveiling of the new song, "This Unabating Wakefulness."

    Also coming May 4th are "Yodh" t-shirts and Mizmor hoodies. Check the store for details.

    Here's a peak:

  • The next A.L.N. release...

    Hello all,

    The time has come for me to announce the next A.L.N. release.

    This month marks five years for Mizmor and in honor of that I am self-releasing a limited edition discography box-set.

    Mizmor - The Psalter MMXVII: Five-Year Commemorative Discography.

    This is a triple cassette, +3.5 hour box-set, spanning the entire Mizmor journey from song "0" to the end of "Yodh."

    I have commissioned new art work from Blial Cabal to grace this box-set. He is preparing an incredibly detailed, custom themed tryptich which accurately represents the Mizmor journey, each panel being one cassette cover. The art will be printed in black and silver on thick cardstock. The tapes will come wrapped in a back patch of Blial's artwork also.

    Also inside the box will be the complete lyrics to the Mizmor project. I am making these myself, presenting them as a booklet on translucent vellum paper.

    Additionally there will be a Mizmor logo metallic enamel lapel pin (black on silver) as well as a digital download card for the entire discography, including a brand new track which I will premier when sales of this box go live. 

    All this will come in a custom sized and printed Mizmor tuck/flap style box.

    My hope is to have these available for sale at the end of March/beginning of April. I'm doing a lot of this myself, making sure all is just right - so of course it is subject to delays. The mailing list will receive an email when I am ready to start taking orders. I am only making 200 of these (hand-numbered). All art and merch items will be exclusive to this box.

    One small section of Blial's tryptich.

    Another fragment of his progress.

    The DIY approach is tedious... The things we do for love.

    Lyric insert prototype.

    This info will go out in an announcement email soon.

    - A.L.N.

  • Winter

    Hey all,

    It's a new year now. It's cold, grey, and raining constantly in Salem. 

    Yesterday I went around Portland checking in on my record consignment agreements. If you live in Portland, OR you should consider checking out Exiled Records. I didn't realize this, but they have many rare underground tapes for sale in their case including 2 copies of the Mizmor/Dross split cassette (hand-numbered and limited to 150, sealed in wax; unopened... this tape has been sold out for 2 years). They also had A.L.N. - "Iyov", the Hell/Mizmor split, and Urzeit - "Anmoksha" cassettes among other great underground gems. 

    Mizmor records have been restocked at Exiled, Music Millenium, 2nd Avenue, and Mississippi Records in Portland and at Ranch Records in Salem

    Urzeit records are now available at Exiled, 2nd Avenue, and Mississippi Records in Portland. 

    This winter is creeping by most heavily. There are things beginning to formulate on the horizon, however. Soon I will have "Yodh" t-shirts (Beksinski), a Mizmor hoodie (new art), and Urzeit "Anmoksha" t-shirts (restock) available for sale. "Yodh" 2LPs will be restocked one more time. I will also be announcing the next A.L.N. release in the near future. 

    Thank you all for a great 2016. 

    Good luck,


  • Autumn 2016 :: Hell Tour, Urzeit's "Anmoksha," Mizmor shirt restock

    Hey all,

    Autumn is upon us and I have some news to share with you.

    First, Hell is hitting the road with Aseethe for a short spree of shows next week on our way to Midnite Communion fest.

    Complete show listings can be found here.

    I will have some Mizmor and Urzeit merchandise with me for those who are interested. 

    Next, Urzeit's debut full-length record, "Anmoksha," is now available for general sale to the public. Self-released by the band in an edition of 500 LPs and 200 cassettes (and 50 shirts to garnish the release), "Anmoksha" can be purchased via the Mizmor webstore. Listen/purchase the full digital album on Urzeit's Bandcamp.

    We've had some really great reviews for the Urzeit record:


    Nine Circles

    Meat Mead Metal

    Finally, Mizmor long sleeve shirts have been restocked. I currently have sizes M-3XL available for sale. For additional sizes, visit Eroding Winds.

    In light of Hell's tour, outgoing shipments from the store will be temporarily postponed until 11/17/16, though orders will still be accepted. 

    Available now in the store:

    Mizmor "Yodh" 2LP

    Mizmor "Untitled Winter EP" LP

    Hell/Mizmor split CS

    Urzeit "Anmoksha" LP

    Urzeit "Anmoksha" CS

    + assorted shirts, patches, stickers of Mizmor/Urzeit

    Hope to see you on the road.

    - A.L.N.

    ​* This cool photo just surfaced courtesy of M. Garcia of GreySun Records. It was taken last year as part of a batch of photos taken in preparation for the A.L.N. - "Iyov" cassette.
  • Pre-orders shipped!

    Hey all,

    All pre-orders (including Urzeit, Hell/Mizmor, and Yodh) have officially left my house and are on their way to you. Thank you so much for the orders and patience. 

    Here is a reminder of what is newly available and shipping now:

    Urzeit: "Anmoksha" - LP, CS, and shirt

    Mizmor: "Yodh" - DoLP

    Hell/Mizmor: Split reissue - CS

    Available for purchase here.

    Come next week I will have M,L, and XL sizes in the Mizmor long sleeve shirt restocked as well.

    A couple great reviews of Urzeit's "Anmoksha" were recently posted. Check them out:

    Meat Mead Metal

    Nine Circles